il bosco di capodimonte

Capodimonte Park

The Capodimonte Park (Bosco di Capodimonte), the historic “Delizia Royal” or “Royal Delight”, sits on a hill north of Naples. It forms part of a larger group of crown lands, which were known during the Bourbon period as “royal sites”.

The Royal Bosco di Capodimonte or “Forest of Capodimonte” is a large park attached to the beautiful “Reggia” or Royal Palace of Capodimonte. The park was designed by Ferdinando Sanfelice and centres around five main avenues, which radiate out from the “Porta di Mezzo” or “Middle Gate” to cover a total area of 134 hectares.

In 1833, the area of the park closest to the Royal Palace was developed in the English landscaping style.

The Bosco di Capodimonte was particularly apt for hunting and fishing, two activities which were virtually royal duties when the park was created. Bosco di Capodimonte, together with Caserta and Portici, were considered the main “royal sites” of the period because of their majestic palaces and parks.

How to get to Capodimonte Park

Address: No.4 Via Miano, Naples

Capodimonte is the small village near the “royal site”. A famous porcelain factory was located in the village.

You can get to the Capodimonte Park (Bosco di Capodimonte) from Piazza Cavour in the centre of Naples along a direct road. This road was created during the period of the French occupation in order to directly connect the city centre to Capodimonte. Before that time, Capodimonte Park (Bosco di Capodimonte) was only reachable from Naples via a tortuous road. (Today, you can travel by automobile to get there. Alternatively, you can take one of the various bus lines that leave from the Museum of Archaeology and go to the Royal Palace).


The prices of Capodimonte Park

Free Admission.

Opening hours of Capodimonte Park

Opening and closing hours

  • during October, February and March: Opening hours are from 7:45 to 18:00
  • during November, December and January: Opening hours are from 7:45 to 17:00
  • during April, May, June, July, August and September: Opening hours are from 7:45 to 19:30

Closed: 25 December, 1 January and Easter Monday

Park Itineraries

There are 6 itineraries through the park. These go through the most important areas which formed part of the 1990 restoration.

These itineraries lead through the historical sites of Bosco di Capodimonte including the historic garden which consists of 134 recovered acres

First itinerary in the Capodimonte Park: “La Delizia Reale” or “The Royal Delight

On this itinerary you can visit the Great Gate, Royal Palace gardens, Palazzotti Building, Belvedere Fountain, Royal Stables, Casino and Prince’s Garden.

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Second itinerary in the Capodimonte Park: prince’s garden and meadow

Here you can visit the Colletta Building, the stable buildings and the Small Gate.

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Third itinerary in the Capodimonte Park: middle Gate Area

Here you can visit the Middle Gate and surroundings, the main avenues through the forest, the Caccetta Gate, the St. Gennaro Church, the porcelain buildings, the Cellaio or storage area and pheasant and goat-raising buildings or areas.

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Fourth itinerary in the Capodimonte Park: queen’s Palace and the Hermitage of queen

Here you can visit the large cistern, the Queen’s Palace and surroundings, the Miano Gate, the Hermitage of the Capuchin monks, the Catena di San Gennaro road and the Hermitage Bridge.

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Fifth itinerary in the Capodimonte Park: the Central Avenue and Tower Garden

Here you can visit the small grotto, the dairy and area to its north, the Middle Fountain, the giant statue, the Roccolo, the St. Maria dei Monti Gate, the Catenao Building and the Tower Building and garden.

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Sixth itinerary in the Capodimonte Park: the Valleys

Here you can visit the Amendola, Cervi, St. Gennaro and Miano Valleys.
These valleys surround the northwest perimeter of the Bosco di Capodimonte.

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10 years of renovation activity: 1990-2000

Ten years of restoration activity stopped any further degradation as well as enhanced and upgraded this splendid park. A video has been made, documenting this renovation activity.

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