parco dei murales

Graffiti Park in Naples


A new Street Art District was born in Naples, in the popular district of Ponticelli. Enthusiast people of walls painting can enjoy them in this area, that could be interesting both for citizens and tourist. It’s a big space where the art of big dimension meets the daily life. That mix is a big hope for an opening to new worlds and big changes.

The murales Park in Ponticelli is part of a socialcultural project of urban creativity, created bt INWARD, together with some public and private authorities and no profit companies both local and national.

The Merola Park in Ponticelli, now known as graffiti park, has been selected as a site where people can develop promotional projects of local marketing such as urban riqualification and social rigeneration.

There are 8 areas available and 8 themes, 8 tools for the regeneration. Nowadays 4 huge graffitis have been painted.

parco murales

“Ael. Tutt’ egual song’ e creature”

The first graffiti in the park is called “ Tutt’ egual song’”. It’s by Jorit and he was inspired by a fire in the Gipsy’s camp happend some years ago in this area. The name of this opera was taken from a Enzo Avitabile’s famous song. In this opera you can see the face of a gipsy girl and you can admire how it was painted in a natural way. The girl’s face is sweet and naive with two big green eyes. They are eyes opened to the future that has to be based necessarily on education. It’s a right for all people and it cannot be denied to anybody. Near the books you can see a traditional and simple napoletain game, it is called strummolo.

la zingarella del parco dei murale

“A’ pazziella n’man è criature”

The second graffiti in the park is called “A’ pazziella n’man è criature”. It’s by Zed1. It was born from the consideration about the “strummolo”, a classic old game unknown to the young generation. The main character is the toy in this work. It is paintend in a melancholy way. The painter, in this play, protects the toy and the right to play for the children throgh the rappresentation of a puppet, who is pressed by a joypad, symbol of the digital games, of not real life and coldness.

parco dei murales a napoli

“Lo trattenimento de’ peccerille”

The third graffiti in the park is called “Lo trattenimento de’ peccerille” (entertainment of children). This massive graffiti was born to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Giambattista Basile’s birth. He was a neapolitan intellectual. The work is a link to his masterpiece called “Lo Cunto de li Cunti”, a collection of 50th neapolitan fairy tales. In the work you can see 2 children reading a book and and you can see some imagines getting off from the top of the paint. In this work you can see a little dog, that is a real dog of the park.

“Chi è voluto bene non s’o scorda”

The fourth graffiti in the park is called “Chi è voluto bene non s’o scorda”. It is by Rosk&Loste two painters from Sicily. The main character is a ball and the main topic is to enjoy the most famous game in the world: the football. In this work you can see 2 children wearing the football t-shirt of their idols. One is wearing the Neaples footbal team t-shirt and the other one is wearing the Maradona t-shirt, the biggest player of Neapolitan team. The name of this work is a link to a very famous Maradona’s phrase to the city of Naples: who loves never forget.

parco dei murales

“Gennaro” in Forcella And "Giancarlo" in Vomero

You can book a guided tour so you can see these works. It’s called “Ponticelli Street Art tour” and it’s organised by INWARD.

In the city of Naples you can see other walls painting. Another famous one is by Jorit and it is called “Gennaro” in Forcella. You can see it near Sant Giorgio Maggiore’s Church and the chatedral of Naples. Another famous one is called “Giancarlo” in Vomero, in the Romanello Street, where a young reporter was killed by local criminality.

san gennaro parco dei murales

parco dei murales