Caves of Pertosa

The Pertosa-Auletta Caves are a complex of caves located underground between Auletta and Polla, along the Tanagro river. These caves are the main tourist destination in the municipality of Pertosa.

Why should you visit the Pertosa-Auletta Caves?

The caves, called Grotte del Kiss, are among the most characteristic in Italy. They are the only ones where it is possible to travel a section by boat, floating on the Negro River, which flows right through the deep caves.
Inside, they are divided into rooms, respectively identified as: Meraviglie, Belvedere, the Grande, del Trono and the most romantic one; the Sala dell’Unione where it is possible to admire the encounter between stalactite and stalagmite, called the ‘kiss’.

When to visit the Pertosa-Auletta Caves

Visiting the Pertosa-Auletta Caves is possible every day, excluding Mondays, from 10:00 to 15:30 in the winter period and from 10:30 to 17:15 in the summer period. The Pertosa-Auletta Caves are managed by the Fondazione MIDA- Musei Integrati dell’Ambiente (MIDA Foundation); a non-profit foundation that aims to enhance the environmental resources and cultural heritage of the surrounding area.

Curiosity about the Pertosa-Auletta Caves

The Pertosa-Auletta Caves extend for about 3 km and visiting them with a guide takes about 1 hour. The temperature inside them is about 15°, regardless of the period.
These caves are the only ones in Europe that conceal a pile-dwelling village from the 2nd millennium BC.
Among these magical cavities, scenes from Dario Argento’s film ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ were filmed in the 1990s.
To conclude, in the year 2022, after 20,000 years, the stalactite and stalagmite came together in a real kiss