le luci d'artista a salerno conosciute come luminarie

Luci d’Artista – Christmas Lights Show

The artist lights are one of the most popular annual visual spectacles in the city of Salerno. The location of the event will be the well-known Piazza Flavio Gioia, which, as every year, will host splendid light works that will paint the city with the colours of Christmas.

When the event will take plac

The lights are officially switched on in the first days of December (2 December 2022), and continue to do so until the end of January. You therefore have two months to plan a little trip to Salerno and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Not just lights

The artist lights are an event that every year brings a large number of people to visit Salerno. It is an event that greatly benefits the city’s economy, generating large numbers of tourists and creating real jobs for those involved in setting up and running the event.

The artist lights are a must see, an exhibition of light works that incarnate the Christmas spirit.