Thermal structures in Baia

Of particular beauty are the magnificent domed structures, still standing today, so spectacular that they have taken the popular name of Temples, but which are actually thermal structures. They are meditative, almost mystical ambiences with spectacular plays of light and pools of water.
Among the most beautiful is the Temple of Mercury, with a circular plan and domed roof, which is divided into two cores areas, the first with underground and submerged rooms, the other with halls with festive decorative decorations that probably extended as far as the sea. Another sector of the park worthy of note are the Rooms of Venus, which house the so-called Temple of Venus, characterised by a vaulted room with refined stucco decorations. Then there is the Temple of Diana, the largest of the park’s domes, and many others. Indeed, even today the beautiful Bay, beloved by emperors and extolled by poets, is a magical place to be rediscovered.

The archaeological park of Baia

The archaeological park of Baia has a magical place. These are the imposing remains of thermal baths, so dear to the great emperors of Rome, who chose Baia as a summer refuge from worldly life. Walking among the ruins of this magnificent site takes the visitor’s mind back in time, to the ancient splendours of the Great Empire. A series of terraces on several levels, connected by ramps and steps, wind their way up one of the slopes of Baia’s hill, opening onto a breathtaking panorama, from which to admire the fantastic Gulf of Bacoli, dominated by the imposing Aragonese castle of Baia.