cosa vedere a ischia in 1 giorno

What to see at Ischia in 1 day

Ischia is not a destination you can visit in a single day. Ischia is an island full of attractions and it’s impossible to appreciate it in just 1 day

Ischia offers a beautiful sea, with great beaches and marvellous thermal parks; it offers nature, with the not-to-be-missed ‘La Mortella Gardens’ and the ‘Ravino Gardens’; and terrific mountains, for hiking trails full of breathtaking views.

One goes to Ischia not only to enjoy the climate and landscape, but above all to ‘get in shape’ considering the nature of its subsoil and the thermalism of its waters.

But if you have just 1 day available to visit the island, you must focus on thermalism, the island’s main characteristic. You can choose between private thermal parks or free thermal areas.

The thermal parks are corners of paradise by the sea, ideal places for relax and characterised by many seawater or thermal water pools surrounded by gardens with exotic plants, that give the environment a unique atmosphere. Not to be missed are the Negombo in Lacco Ameno or the Poseidon in Forio.

  • Negombo is located in San Montano bay, the most striking bay on the island because of its oyster-shape. This thermal park has several pools, a private beach and a wellness centre, where massages, mud baths and inhalations are possible.
  • The largest thermal park on the island is the Poseidon; it covers 50,000 square metres of garden full of plants and flowers and has 20 thermal pools.

The island also offers free thermal areas:

  • Olmitello. The spot is located at the end of the Nitrodi valley, towards Maronti beach.
  • Sorgeto. The beach can be reached from Panza thanks to a path of 200 steps. Here there are hot thermal water springs that flow directly into the sea, forming natural thermal pools of hot water sorrounded by rocks, so bathing is possible all year round.
  • The Fumarole. This beach is located on the S. Angelo ai Maronti side. Here, steam is given off directly from the sand, so it is ideal for those who like very hot sands.