cosa vedere ad agropoli

What to see in Agropoli: the best attractions

Agropoli is a pretty town in the Campania. Let’s discover what to see in Agropoli and what are the most interesting attractions to visit in this Cilento village.

The best spot to start: the historic district of Agropoli

A visit to Agropoli must start with its historical centre. This place seems to be truly magical, especially thanks to its charming and extremely graceful architecture. Also, in the centre of Agropoli you can find the ‘scaloni’, huge stone staircases that offer a wonderful view of the sea. If you make this scenic climb, you will fall in love with this town!

Agropoli Castle

The Castle of Agropoli is one of the symbols of the Cilento town. This castle is large and impressive, and visiting it is very interesting. Several literary authors have included this castle in their stories, such as Giuseppe Ungaretti or Marguerite Yourcenar. Moreover, this attraction is free all year long, so you can’t miss this low-cost destination in Agropoli. 

Agropoli seafront promenade

Far from the historical centre, Agropoli’s seafront promenade represents the new and modern part of the city. Of course, it does not have the same atmosphere as the old town, but it is still a place to visit, especially during the summer season. There are various activities here and you can relax with tasty delicacies. Moreover, thanks to the promenade, you can directly access the beaches of Agropoli and enjoy a swim in the beautiful blue waters of the place.

Trentova Bay

Despite being a few kilometres away from the city centre, Trentova Bay is one of the attractions of Agropoli. Here you can find crystal-clear, basically uncontaminated water. The whole landscape is surrounded by wild nature. In conclusion, an attraction suitable for those who love the outdoors and natural attractions. 

Church of the Virgin Mary of Constantinople

At last, another of the things to see in Agropoli is the Church of theVirgin Mary di Costantinopoli. It is the most important religious building in the place, holy to all the locals. The Virgin Mary of Constantinople is the patron saint of fishermen and even her statue was found in the sea several years ago, was rescued from the waters and brought into the church, where it still stands today.