cosa vedere ad avellino

What to see in Avellino

Founded after Abellinum – located in the territory of modern-day Atripalda – Avellino is the capital of Irpinia.  Its aspect has changed a lot during the years, mainly due to the reconstructions following the bombing in 1943 and the 1980 earthquake.

This gives Avellino many different and interesting aspects within its territory: historical attractions are combined with wide avenues and open squares from the modern era. All this surrounded by natural beauty that offers food and wine excellences such as prestigious wines exported all over the world. 

Main monuments to visit

Your tour must include a visit to some places of artistic interest such as:

  •  The Church of the Holy Rosary and the Villa Municipal over Corso Vittorio Emanuele: in typical neo-Gothic style, the Church was built in 1942 to a project by architect Domenicantonio Mazzei in honour of the Church ‘of the Annuntita’;
  • The Museum Provinciale Irpino: behind the Villa Comunale, it hosts various archaeological objects from the area, from the Neolithic age to Roman domination;
  • Avellino Cathedral: Built in the 10th century and located at the highest point in Avellino, it is the city’s main place of religious activity. After various renovations, it now presents a neoclassical style.
  • The archaeological ruins of the ancient city of Abellinum can be visited 4 km away from Avellino.


As already mentioned, the wide avenues and open squares of the modern era let you admire other beauties of the city on a relaxing tour. 

Historical centre
You can admire the ‘Fountain of Bellerophon’ dating back to the second half of the 17th century and the noble buildings, the 18th-century Palace Caracciolo and the stately Palace Cucciniello.  

Piazza Libertà
Where you will find the Government Palace, the Palazzo Testa and the refreshing fountain, and cheerful children on bikes or skateboards.

Santo Spirito Park
The green heart of the city and with various structures for different activities.

Amendola Square
On your tour you can’t miss this square where there are some important monuments – from the front of the Customs Palace to the Obelisk of Charles II of Habsburg – but where you can also admire ‘The Clock Tower‘ of Baroque origin that is one of the city’s main attractions.

Shopping and entertainment

Corso Vittorio Emanuele is the city’s walkway and the place where you will find shops for your shopping or drinks. The area considered the ‘coolest’ by the youngest, however, is Viale dei Platani where you will find numerous clubs.