cosa vedere a positano, scopri le attrazioni

What to see in Positano

The Amalfi Coast is a magical and unforgettable place, full of landscapes and places to visit and enjoy. A town situated in the Campania region, this little corner of paradise is characterised by its style, its culture and, above all, its nature. From the famous ‘stairways’ to diving into the local gulf, Positano is a place of a thousand surprises ready to be explore

What to see in Positano: Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Grotto)

Approximately ten metres from the town area, precisely in the Conca Marini area, it is possible to visit this rock formation by boat, which is characterised by its beautiful colour reflected in the water. This is due to a natural effect of sunlight penetrating through a small underwater hole that filters it and gives the waters of the Grotta an intense emerald green colour. A unique and enchanting view that will amaze you!

What to see in Positano: Marina Grande beach

la spiaggia di positano

A well-known and popular bathing spot for young people, but also for families and children. It offers the advantage of being very close to the centre and is, therefore, accessible to everyone. In addition to being a popular seaside spot for bathing and sunbathing, Marina Grande‘s reputation is also due to the many evenings it offers: music and cocktails for glamorous evenings.

What to see in Positano: Path of the Gods

Its name evokes the beauty to be admired along its route immersed in nature. It is an hiking footpath that goes along the Monti Lattari between the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts. This ‘divine’ path gives the impression of entering a true Olympic paradise located in Mediterranean territory.

What to see in Positano: Old town of Positano

Besides the beautiful beach and excursion areas, the town offers a colourful and vibrant centre for discovering the local architecture and, especially, for doing some shopping! Positano has a distinctive souvenir and particularly clothing characterised by an unmistakable Mediterranean pattern. You can find great souvenirs to take home, so that you will always have a piece of Positano with you.