cosa vedere a sorrento

What to see in Sorrento

A famous tourist and holiday location for centuries, this town on the Gulf of Naples is one of the most charming places on the Sorrento coast. Thanks to its charming and attractive landscape resulting from its historical centre and its wealth of gardens, citrus groves and beaches, tradition and nature are combined in this town of a thousand delights.

Vallone dei Mulini

It is a deep cleft in the rock dating back more than 35,000 years, and takes its name from the presence of a mill used until the early 1900s to grind grain. Its ruins are still visible and, in addition, its construction still tells of numerous historical and artistic testimonies of great value. The construction of the Vallone dei Mulini was officially completed following the finishing of Piazza Tasso in the 19th century.

Piazza Tasso (Tasso Square)

Piazza Tasso is the main square in this seaside area and, crossed by Corso Italia, is the symbol of local city life. It is dedicated to one of its most famous citizens, the italian poet Torquato Tasso.

It is characterised by being surrounded by the Correale house with its majolica-tiled courtyard, the Baroque Church of Santa Maria del Carmine and the Grand Hotel Vittoria. At last, along the north side, where the above-mentioned hotel is located, there is a terrace looking out over the rock extension going to the Marina Piccola

Marina Grande e Marina Piccola

Sorrento is famous for the presence of a splendid and charming seaside village, which can be reached on foot through a narrow, stone-stepped street. You will initially arrive at Marina Grande, an area full of colourful houses and characterised by having been a large fishing village. It offers numerous bars, restaurants and characteristic bathing establishments. Lastly, Marina Piccola, not far from Piazza Tasso, is distinguished for being the port of Sorrento where ferries land daily.